Capital BlueCross Loop (Relay) Available to Commercial Group Members

Capital will introduce Capital BlueCross Loop to their commercial group members. Capital BlueCross Loop is a secure message service to deliver information to assist customers manage their benefits and make informed decisions about their health. Messages are delivered through Relay, a secure mobile customer communication network that gives Capital BlueCross and its customers a shared online space for private, direct communications.

Beginning in December 2016, each ID card reissued will include a sticker affixed to the card that includes a toll-free number. By calling the number, members acknowledge receipt of their card and can choose to opt into Capital BlueCross Loop. Members are not required to call the number to activate their card or coverage, nor is there a requirement for members to join the Loop.

Members who choose to opt in to Capital BlueCross Loop will receive a text message with a link connecting them to their personal secure communication channel. Periodic messages regarding their Capital BlueCross experience will be sent. Messages may include plan updates, service notifications and other important information. The member may access their message board through any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The Capital BlueCross Loop is a free service to their customers. Standard message and data rates may apply dependent upon the member’s mobile plan.

A mass reissuance of ID cards will not be conducted. Stickers will appear on cards as members begin coverage with Capital BlueCross, request replacement cards or upon an employer’s renewal.


An email will be sent to group administrators to inform them about the affixed sticker on ID cards for receipt acknowledgment and the availability of Capital BlueCross Loop.


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