In a continuous effort to simplify administrative processes, Power Kunkle offers a solution to eliminate the time-consuming task of completing multiple carrier applications.  By using cutting-edge Interview and Medical Health Questionnaire technology to collect all relevant employee information Power Kunkle has the ability to send data to all medical carriers simultaneously.  No paper applications needed!

The approach is an online interactive interview that collects needed information. The information collected is stored securely and compliantly, and can be shared or sent to any carrier who needs to use it. Beyond the obvious work reduction and time savings for the Employer and Employees, there are a number of other features that bring rewards:

  • A HIPAA compliant and a useful HR tool.
  • Private and secure technology with no software to install or maintain.
  • Available 24×7.
  • Updateable and transferable information: Year-to-Year – making future updates, changes, and applications a snap.
  • A tool that can be used for additional voluntary or individual coverage.