Highmark: myCare Navigator now online, with “Abby” virtual assistant

myCare Navigator is a service for Highmark members and their families that helps them navigate the health system. Previously available as a phone service, myCare Navigator is now online at myCareNavigator.com and offers users the help of a virtual assistant named “Abby.”

Abby is an avatar that uses artificial intelligence, natural language and speech recognition to answer members’ most frequently asked questions. Members can go to myCareNavigator.com and type or speak their questions (if their device has a microphone enabled) to receive information from Abby, similar to the way they would if calling a service representative.

Abby’s database includes the most common questions and concerns members have, and it tracks members’ questions, so Abby stays up to date with current concerns and “learns” responses to new inquiries.

On myCareNavigator.com, members can:

  • Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about their benefits
  • Find out how to access helpful resources
  • Learn how to complete common tasks using the member website
  • Learn about the latest changes to our provider network
  • Find convenient network providers, including primary care and specialist doctors, hospitals, diagnostic and imaging centers, urgent care and retail clinics
  • And more

And members can still call myCare Navigator at 1-888-BLUE-428 (1-888-258-3428) or call Member Service at the toll-free number on the back of their member ID cards.


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