How We Work

Our Service Pledge to every Power Kunkle Client:

Power Kunkle is dedicated to ensuring extraordinary benefits program performance  and continuous improvement year after year.  While we are an established industry leader offering proven solutions, we remain an independent regional firm providing flexibility and personal service, giving our clients the best of both worlds.

Most importantly, it’s our people that make Power Kunkle the preferred benefits partner for so many companies.  We work as a team to always do what’s right for our clients and their employees.  For everyone that depends on your company’s benefits, you can depend on Power Kunkle.

“Best–in-Class” Service:

Power Kunkle Benefits Consulting has cultivated all the services you would expect from the nation’s largest benefit consulting firm and we bring them to small and mid-size employers who demand the best from their consulting partners.  Our team uses the industry’s best practices and most up-to-date technologies to deliver these services and more:

  • Plan design & Procurement
  • Employee Communications & Enrollment Benefits
  • Administration & Technology
  • Compliance
  • Wellness Services
  • HR Support

The Power Kunkle Process

At Power Kunkle, we take a consultative approach to determining the right plan design for your organization, continually measuring your plan’s performance.  We start with an assessment of your goals; we then develop your  employee benefits strategy to make sense within these goals and in relation to benchmarks drawn from multiple data sources.  For companies that are eligible to receive claims data, our Stewardship Process ensures a proactive checkpoint on a quarterly basis.

Client Needs Evaluation:

Prior to structuring a strategy and plan design, Power Kunkle conducts a thorough evaluation of your current corporate climate and benefits.  We use various techniques to get a broad overview of your current situation, including:

  • Short and Long Term Goals
  • Forecasted Growth
  • Current Employee Recruitment
  • Satisfaction and Retention Levels
  • Incumbent Program
  • Projected Benefits Budget
  • Employee Perspectives on the Value of Current Benefits

This evaluation serves as the foundation for setting clear strategic plan design goals, considering value-added programs, identifying areas of potential cost savings and maximizing employee goodwill.

Plan Design:

Based on the results of our Client Needs Evaluation, we work collaboratively with you to make informed plan design decisions with confidence.  We’re there to help you stay focused on:

  • Augmenting or removing programs that are not in line with business objectives
  • Incorporating effective cost containment strategies
  • Supporting larger goals, such as motivating your workforce or  encouraging wellness
  • Choosing benefits that will help attract and retain quality employees.

Throughout the plan design process, we work as an extension of your HR team – with open communication, dynamic collaboration and a unified vision for maximum results.

Market Analysis and Procurement:

Based on your specific needs and plan design, we implement a customized market analysis to identify potential cost-saving opportunities before moving  forward.   Resources for this process include:

  • Underwriting/financial analysis tools and capabilities
  • Predictive modeling and actuarial services for self-funded plan risk analysis and claim projections
  • Software for conducting cost/benefit analyses, assessing your company’s past claims experience and projecting outcomes based on various proposed plan scenarios
  • Industry-specific benchmarking data for showing comparative contributions, plan designs and costs – extremely useful for decision-making

By using these resources to facilitate comprehensive market analysis, organized request for proposal (RFP) services and plan renewal negotiations, Power Kunkle helps to keep your costs under control.

Details that make your life easier.

It may seem like a small thing, but a tool like our Client Profile can make all the difference.  After procurement or renewal, we provide you with your own customized summary of all benefits, eligibility rules, rates, vendor contact information and more.  We update your Client Profile whenever necessary so you always have current information at your fingertips.  Your Client Profile is a tool to illustrate historical rate comparisons and carrier trends for future renewals.

Flexible Enrollment Methods:

Power Kunkle offers any combination of online self-service, phone and paper-based enrollment to suit the needs of your workforce – with personalized benefit statements included for all methods.  Our fully-integrated online enrollment system provides paperless process that eliminated manual data entry errors and simplifies post-enrollment administration.

Other options include personalized total compensation statements and year-round enrollment of new hires.  In addition to the services above, we  support any other communication and enrollment solutions that you are currently using.

Advocacy throughout the year.

Our support for your benefits program extends beyond just serving your HR team.  Every Power Kunkle client is assigned a licensed  Dedicated Client Relations Manager who is available to provide assistance for all employees, spouses or dependents.  Our staff will work directly with your members as a resource and advocate assisting on issues such as:

  • Benefits Questions
  • ID Card Issues
  • Questions regarding claims or billing
  • Prescription Issues
  • Provider Network Questions
  • …and any other issues you may have!

In addition, our staff will even communicate with carriers and providers to resolve more complex issues..  All calls are HIPAA compliant and the majority of issues are resolved in the same day saving your employees the time it takes to maneuver through the complex health care system.

At Power Kunkle we pride ourselves on personal service that’s CONFIDENTIAL and RESPONSIVE.

We are an extension of you.

For Power Kunkle, service means providing dedicated stewardship, ethical consulting and measurable results.  We ensure great service by assigning a dedicated service team to your account, that team works like an extension of your HR department all year long to:

  • Keep your benefits program compliant
  • Make sure that employees have easy access to their benefits throughout the year
  • Monitor the performance of your plans and vendors to inform renewal decisions
  • Manage the procurement process and initiate carrier rate negotiations, if needed
  • Supervise and facilitate a smooth, efficient enrollment on-site at your  locations
  • Handle any provider and claim issues that arise in a timely manner

Our approach to client service ultimately results in tremendous time-savings, ease of administration and peace of mind for your HR team.