Information Technology

Power Kunkle Technology Platform

The Power Kunkle enrollment and administration platform saves time and improves efficiency while also helping to:

  • Improve data accuracy
  • Prevent overpayment of insurance premiums
  • Facilitate compliance and reporting

For the ultimate in efficiency, our system can either integrate with your current payroll system, or you can use our integrated payroll service provider.

  • This is the gold standard of effective administration.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy are built right in.

In addition to our web-based communications and enrollment services, Power Kunkle offers the technology and professional support you need for year-round benefits management.  Our technology platform not only saves time and improves  efficiency, but it also helps improve data accuracy, prevent overpayment of  insurance premiums and facilitate compliance and reporting.  For everything else, put our team of professional benefit administrators on the job.

 Integrated Technology Platform

Power Kunkle’s web-based technology platform offers critical features, including:

  • Self-service enrollment and access to benefits plan documents
  • Eligibility verification and dependent tracking
  • Total compensation statement generation
  • Electronic file feeds to your HRIS, payroll vendor, insurance carriers and third-party administrator
  • Online billing administration, including billing statement reconciliation and customized reporting

Of course, we realize there are many benefits management tools on the market.  If you already have a complete or partial technology solution, but have not taken the opportunity to maximize it, our consultants can help integrate or augment those systems that you already have in place.

Administration Services

Our technology platform is backed by Power Kunkle’s team of professional benefit administrators who can share data in real-time with your internal staff.  This is  how we break down the “information access barrier” to more quickly serve you and your employees, while still working in a secure and HIPAA-compliant manner.

You can also turn to Power Kunkle for offline benefits administration including:

  • COBRA, HIPAA and FMLA assistance
  • Billing issue resolution
  • Claim and provider issue resolution
  • IRS Form 5500 filing