Online Recruiting and Hiring System


  • Power Kunkle HR Solutions offers a complete on-line recruiting and hiring system to help employers find the right applicants and candidates to help grow your business.  No matter what size employer you are, the EmployerPages applicant tracking tool, which can be branded as YOUR company sponsored site, can be your partner in the 3 step hiring process:
  1. Applicant tracking system –  a robust software program which uses up to 10 additional screening questions
  2. Prehire Tool – this job fit tool measures applicants behavioral traits helping to predict their future performance
  3. Comprehensive PreVue assessments –  allows you to assess candidates and employees and then produce a variety of reports comparing someone’s assessments results against the jobs in your company

Highlights of our system:

  • For small employers, or anyone still using paper applications or emailed resumes:   The ability to efficiently post your jobs online, receive applications and track them through your hiring process, easily narrow the field to qualified finalists, record your hires and terminations, and store all the data online for compliance purposes.
  • For medium-sized to large employers, who may need additional functions:  the ability to track EEO information in the background, bulk emailing from within the system (when is the last time you sent “Thanks for applying” letters to unsuccessful applicants?), and more.
  • For employers who already have an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) in place: Use your Power Kunkle HR EmployerPages system to easily attract additional applicants, and feed them seamlessly into your own ATS.
  • For any employer, even if you only hire once a year:  Integrated prehire assessments (optional, low-cost) to help you hire top performers with confidence.


  • More qualified applicants for your positions
  • Replace or supplement paid advertising expenses with the no-cost EmployerPages system
  • Easy screening to reduce your pool efficiently
  • Apply optional assessments to further identify your best candidates
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Use better information to produce better hires and reduce turnover

Contact HR Solutions today to find out more about how the complete recruiting and hiring system can assist you in weeding out the candidates that are unqualified or just not a “right” fit for your job or company.  When you combine all three pieces of our system, along with the application, resume, cover letter, interview process, work history, reference checks, and background checks, you can ensure you are hiring a top performer that you will be able to retain.