Physical Activity Matters for Cancer Prevention

American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) reports find strong evidence that 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily reduces risk for three cancers: colon, endometrial and postmenopausal breast. Moving more may help lower risk for these cancers by:

  • Regulating blood levels of insulin, estrogen and related hormones that can fuel cancer growth
  • Decreasing chronic inflammation, which links to cancer growth
  • Reducing excess body fat — a major risk factor for many cancers
  • Speeding up digestion, reducing the time gut cells are exposed to potential cancer-causing substances

Tips to get active:

  • Schedule activity: Plan walks and other activities just like you would eating, sleeping, and meetings.
  • Make every minute and step count: Sneak in a walk or an activity anytime you have a free moment: before work, at break time or waiting for someone.
  • Add up minutes: Wear a watch with a timer or use the timer on your phone. Start the timer each time you walk or are active during the day.
  • Count steps: Wear your pedometer or fitness tracker all day and note your step counts. Reliable, inexpensive pedometers and fitness trackers are available in sporting goods stores.

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