Strategic Planning

Hope is not a strategy.  Success requires treating health care and employee health with the same aggressiveness that companies currently employ with other major risk and cost centers such as workers’ comp and data security. 

Let Power Kunkle develop a strategy to control your costs.

The Power Kunkle Solution

A benefits strategic plan will allow for a more proactive, holistic and analytical approach for managing the benefits program and improving overall results.  Additionally, it articulates how the benefits program will continue to support the attainment of the overall business plan and corporate objectives.  It will explain how the benefits component fits into the total compensation plan and provides rewards and incentives to employees to achieve the corporation’s goals.

Strategic planning determines where an organization is headed over the next several years – and maps out how it is going to get there.  A solid strategic plan is the culmination of a deliberate set of activities that:

  • Assesses needs and resources
  • Defines a target audience and a set of goals and objectives
  • Plans and designs coordinated strategies
  • Logically connects these strategies to needs, assets, and desired outcomes
  • Measures and evaluates the process and outcomes

The main objective of any strategic plan, and specifically a Benefits Strategic Plan, is to strengthen the management decision making process by recognizing and addressing key internal and external factors that affect the business and the benefits program.

Power Kunkle is prepared to deliver solutions that address today’s needs while looking toward the future to eliminate tomorrow’s problems.