Wellness Testimonials

I would have no hesitation recommending their services to any company that wants to invest in a healthier culture!

I really appreciate all that the Power Kunkle Wellness team has done for the BSGI/SAH team. Lori and Ryan have become part of the family in the way they truly care for the wellness of all our employees. We could not ask for a better partner that has been very professional and works hard to keep us on track for all around better wellness. I would have no hesitation recommending their services to any company that wants to invest in a healthier culture!


Beth Hahn
President, Berkshire Systems Group, Inc.

Lori will forever be my health angel.

In March of this year, I decided to meet with the Boyer’s Wellness Nurse for a check of my blood pressure. After checking my blood pressure a second time, Lori explained that my blood pressure was dangerously high and that she was concerned that I was at imminent risk for a heart attack or a stroke. Lori gave me three choices; she explained that she would drive me to the emergency room, call an ambulance, or she would allow me to have my wife pick me up from work to seek immediate medical attention. I was seen by a physician and again it was confirmed that my blood pressure was dangerously high. The doctor was also able to identify a few other medical issues. I was placed on medication and today, I feel better than I have felt in years and I have so much more energy.  I now see the doctor for regular checkups and between the change in my diet, weight loss, and medication, my blood pressure and other medical conditions are controlled.

After meeting with Lori that day in March, I realized the importance of taking care of myself and I knew I needed to make changes so that I would be around to enjoy my family.  On the drive to the doctor, I kept thinking to myself that I wanted to live, I wanted more time with my grandchildren.

Lori will forever be my health angel. I am also very appreciative to Boyer’s for offering this benefit. They encourage us to see Lori when she is on-site for quarterly visits and to get in the habit of scheduling yearly physicals and preventative screenings with their doctor.


Steve T.
Boyer's Food Markets

Lori is a life saver and I appreciate the commitment Boyer’s has made to the health of their employees by offering the nurse visits.

During Lori’s January visit, she identified high blood pressure readings that would be considered hypertensive. Lori had been monitoring my blood pressure and although I did not require emergent care, Lori encouraged me to follow up with my family physician as soon as possible. She explained that high blood pressure can increase a person’s risk for a heart attack or stroke. I made an appointment with my doctor who scheduled a stress test. The stress test results came back as “abnormal” and I was immediately scheduled for a cardiac catheterization. I was found to have two very significant blockages. The first was a 99% blockage of my LAD (left anterior descending artery) followed by another 80% blockage. The doctor placed two stents to hold the arteries open. In the hospital when I woke up, my doctor told me to go back and “thank that nurse because she just saved your life”.


Tony C.
Boyer's Food Markets

Our company is better and our employees are healthier with Power Kunkle on our team!

Power Kunkle has helped us take our Wellness Program to the next level! Our employees really look forward to visits with our Wellness Nurse, Lori. She is professional and caring and has developed many trusting relationships. She develops fun and engaging initiatives promoting all areas of wellness. Power Kunkle also administers annual biometric screenings to our employees. This preventative measure provides helpful and potentially lifesaving health information to our employees.


Angela Kelley
Human Resources Manager, Ateeco, Inc.

Keep Up The Good Work! You Are Making A Difference!

I received a phone call from an employee thanking us for offering the tests that we have been scheduling. After completing two of the tests, they found that they have a serious issue that were not aware of and are currently seeking treatment and follow up visits with specialists. They were very grateful that they had the opportunity to participate for free and loved the convenience and professionalism of the individuals administering the tests. Keep up the good work! You are making a difference!

Angel Burnham-Mitchell
Benefits Administrator, Schuylkill County